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We support your applications with overall IT solutions in this field, too. We develop tailor-made concepts and applications, procure and implement the ideal hardware for your requirements, and of course, we take care of the start-up phase, training and flanking support measures. We develop customer specific client-server solutions for operating systems and databases in various programming languages, and also configure web-based applications with Thin Clients utilizing special frameworks.

Discover optimization potentials – take advantage of our comprehensive MES solutions – production monitoring & control

Keep control over your complex automatic production with our MES system sar@mes. It assures transparency during the start-up and production phases. sar@mes displays current system status and reveals optimization potentials.
  • Alarm Management improves your information stream
  • Product liability is secured by our component tracking capability
  • The superordinate control configuration of your MES system can of course be easily coupled with ERP systems such as SAP
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