Clemson University Vehicle Assembly Center opened

SAR USA was invited to attend the grand opening of the new vehicle assembly center at the Center for Manufacturing Innovation, part of the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, on February 15th 2018.

Attendees from BMW, Clemson University and Greenville Technical College started the ribbon cutting ceremony with a push of a button.

SAR setting up actual skid from BMW Greer

SAR, working with BMW and Clemson University, assisted in the transport and set up of an actual skid from the BMW plant to the Vehicle Assembly Center.
Our mechanical team had the not so easy task of removing the 6m x 3m skid from the mezzanine level in Hall 52 at BMW Greer and transporting it ultimately to the center where it is used now to test new innovations in the assembly process under realistic conditions.

Cognitive Studies

One of the current projects at the center measures brain activity to determine the level of activity during an everyday task such as reading, and compare it to a more complex task such as assembling a model car.

Robot Projects

Several robot projects are ongoing, f.e. one for a vacuum cleaning robot that includes sensor to warn of impending mechanical failures.
Another interesting robot project is the smart companion robot. It can not only carry heavy loads (up to 30 kg), but will follow the assembly associate to and from the process. The robot looks for a quick dot code that the associate wears to track their position.


It was a great event showcasing many interesting projects and demonstrating the advantages of bringing engineers, technicians and associates together to develop and integrate new technologies into the vehicle assembly process.
SAR is interested to work closer with this new Center to start more training and education of new and current employees.
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Clemson University International Center
for Automotive Research

"Automated" ribbon cutting ceremony

SAR assisted in the transport and set up of an actual skid from the BMW plant

Measuring brain activity during complex tasks

This robot is pressing the rear hatch seal into place, a job that is not very ergo friendly for a human