Tire Expo 2018 - review

In the recent years, the SAR Group has become one of the leading automation companies for the global tire industry.
There are four main reasons for this.

Modular and environmentally friendly

For many years, SAR customers have benefited profitably from the modular and environmentally friendly automation solutions in the area of "Airless Spraying" and "Airmix Spraying" (air-assisted spraying) for a wide variety of tires.

Independent integrator

As an independent integrator, SAR offers automation solutions with all popular 6 axis robot manufacturers and is thus able to ideally serve the needs of customers in the global market.

Knowledge transfer of SAR standard technologies

The tire industry benefits from the SAR Group's other core businesses through the transfer of knowledge from SAR standard technologies. Visitors were particularly interested in the new developments in glue application for fixing foam profiles for particularly quiet tires and the process-monitored bonding of sensors inside the tire. These technologies have been adapted to the tire industry from the field of SAR surface systems and SAR plastic systems.

12 different automation modules

The SAR Group now has 12 different automation modules within the tire value chain. Starting with the "Tread Loading", across the most diverse spray technologies with integrated process monitoring and the entire intralogistics chain, the customer can individually assemble his production processes from the individual automation modules and also benefit from the possibility to record all of this process data via the SAR Group's process data management system Optimum control of production.
Therefore, it was not surprising that both, long-standing customers and also new contacts were very interested in the innovations and the possibilities resulting from the product
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SAR at the TireExpo

12 automation modules of SAR

Part of the SAR team at the TireExpo