Optical characteristics test inside the vehicle

With driver assistance systems, like for example head-up displays, fitment faults can cause a large variety of picture faults. The testing systems from SAR find these faults reliably and fast.

Quality assurance for the driver

The optimal matching between the windscreen and the projector is critically important for the clear and high-contrast display of information. Even the smallest deviations cause errors, which impair the drivers comfort.

Testing by camera system

An intelligent camera system tests the picture quality for deviations in respect of contrast errors, reflections, missing pixels, angle errors and picture deviations from defined viewpoints.

The long term precision is guaranteed due to the check and calibration possibilities.

Implementation possibilities

The implementation of the test equipment is adapted to the requirements. A testing trolley is available for mobile applications like rework. A fixed installation on a gantry is the best possibility for the requirements of the production line. A hand held variation is best suited for calibration in the workshop.

Praxis proven system

SAR has implemented this system in various variations at well known companies. The individual requirements determine the tailored solution, be it in the complete vehicle or with the component manufacturing. We will gladly discuss approach and realisation possibilities.
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