IT Services – the backbone of automation

We support your applications with overall IT solutions in this field, too. We develop tailor-made concepts and applications, procure and implement the ideal hardware for your requirements. And of course, we take care of the start-up phase, training and flanking support measures.

We develop web applications or client-server solutions tailored to your needs for the most common operating systems and databases. Using standard frameworks, we develop web-based applications for thin clients for you.

Discover optimization potentials – take advantage of our comprehensive MES solutions – production monitoring & control

Our MES sar@mes ensures transparency during the start-up and operating phases so that you keep track of the complex automatic production process. Among other things, it displays current system statuses, collects operating and machine data, controls the production process and uncovers optimization potential.

  • Alarm Management improves your information stream
  • Product liability is secured by our component tracking capability
  • The superordinate control configuration of your MES can of course be easily coupled with ERP systems such as SAP
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Range of services

  • consulting
  • MES solutions with sar@mes
  • material management with sar@move
  • application development
  • customer support

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