Automation - brand-independent objectivity

Complete or partial systems? You can expect plenty from us when it comes to automation of industrial manufacturing processes – from the catenation of individual production units including handling equipment to know-how of extensive body shell assembly, to paint shop applications and final assembly facilities for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

As a supplier of brand-independent control systems, we can integrate a wide selection of different systems in your existing production infrastructure.

Robotics – we evaluate your application concept

At an early stage, we work out an optimum configuration scheme to meet your demands: We perform evaluative testing for a wide range of applications on a selection of different industrial robots in our own technological testing facilities.

Years of programming expertise and the sum of our vast experience in simulation and off-line programming guarantee practical implementation without loss and drastically reduced start-up times that are reflected in considerable cost reductions.

Material flow systems – the overall logistics solution

Logistics solutions from SAR ensure ideal material flow between production phases from raw materials delivery to the finished product. They cover the entire functional range from semi-automated to fully automated stores to conveyor technologies.

We develop production buffers for the interim storage of your manufactured products on the basis of material flow simulations.

Integration in existing structures is simplified by the inclusion of existing customer DP and logistics systems.

Virtual commissioning - because it works

Virtual commissioning is not only a decisive component of quality management in automation. It also offers the opportunity to work on projects in a stress-free, efficient and resource-saving manner.

The arguments are manifold: long, expensive start-ups abroad, unpopular long working days in a temporary construction site workstation, discussions about the course and functionality of the plant if it should have been running for a long time, or risky changes to a plant without knowing what the consequences are.

All this can be avoided by a simulation from SAR! We offer various systems for the best possible coverage of requirements from all areas.

Support through augmented reality in a nutshell...

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Range of services

  • complete systems
  • manufacturing systems
  • material flow systems
  • robotics
  • simulation


Handling of heavy high-voltage batteries

The high-voltage batteries used in the automotive industry usually weigh over 1 ton.
SAR automates the complete handling of the heavy accumulators, from automatic truck unloading in stacked transport boxes to assembly. The empty containers are loaded back into the trucks for reuse.

Utilization analysis by means of "Plant Simulation" material flow simulation

In the more complex injection molding area, the number of work steps is so high that cycle time analysis is enormously difficult.
To check whether the number of robots is sufficient to meet the cycle times, SAR relies on the material flow simulation "Plant Simulation".

Automated application of hole seals

Hole closures are required at numerous positions and in various designs in the bodywork. Due to the manual process, the exact position and media-tight assembly is faulty and can therefore lead to water ingress and corrosion.
FAIST ChemTec and SAR have developed a system for the automated sealing of car body holes which can already be used by the OEM in the paint process.

Our further developed Weißwurst robot

shows different technologies with which we work daily in our projects:
Material flow systems, gripper technology, 3D image recognition, cooperation of multiple robots etc.

Tires or Beer?

The end products of these two automated lines are either high-performance tires for the car and vehicle industry or, much more appetising, sausages, mustard, pretzels and beer.
We use the automation components TIA portal, robotics including custom hooks, 3D cameras, conveyor technology, in-house developed spray nozzles and process data management in modular cells to manufacture any product for our customers.

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