Fully automated cavity protection production line for the automotive industry

SAR has developed and implemented a fully automated cavity protection production line for BMW AG in Munich.
In this production line, car bodies are conveyed through initial work stations for the installation of equipment, then via foaming and car door protection systems, all the way to the first of the 3 cavity protection stations.

3 cavity protection stations

Starting at the 3 stations, “SUSY“, “FUSY“ and “RBWW“, the fully automated production process will now also protect the last cavities which have remained unsealed thus far.

Different application heads are used in the process:
  • RBWW: Robot arms with two flanges each
  • SUSY: 7-axis application head
  • FUSY: 4-axis application head
  • RBWFU: Robot arms with two flanges each, FUSY compatible
All application heads feature a robotic coupling on the tool side to allow for placing these in the relevant shelf or cleaning station.

Station 3 "SUSY" - Seven Up System

In cell section 3 of the overall "automated cavity protection" system, the application area of the car body that is hard to access is covered. It consists of 2 stationary robots with a maximum of twelve 7-axis application heads (SUSY) equipped with applicators and nozzles, two dosing cabinets, two nozzle cleaning stations (DRS) and two shelves to deposit the SUSYs.

Station 4 "FUSY" - Four Up System

In cell section 4, the car body is raised by means of a lifting table and all application areas in the underbody are covered in the process. It consists of 2 robots on the 7th axis with a maximum of 14 robot arms, two flanges each (RBWFU) and four 4-axis application heads (FUSY) featuring applicators and nozzles, two nozzle cleaning stations (DRS) and four shelves to deposit the RBWFUs and FUSYs.

Station 5 "RBWW"- Robot, Beams, Flange, Flange

In cell section 5 the rockers, the engine subframe and the motor hood of the car body - among other things - are covered. It consists of 4 stationary robots with a maximum of 40 robot arms with two flanges each (RBWW) equipped with applicators and nozzles and two centred nozzle cleaning stations (DRS) as well as four shelves to deposit the 40 RBWW tools.

For all 3 stations, maintenance scales are provided to replace the system’s applicator heads for maintenance purposes.

Backup solution

In the past, workers had to manually apply individual inserts into the car bodies. This is currently intended as a backup solution only, in case the system fails due to a problem with the nozzle or a failure of the robot. In this case, 2 rework stations are provided downstream from the robot cells where potential problematic cases are held up automatically. Necessary rework actions are clearly indicated to the worker.

Implemented successfully and of interest to the US

The system in Munich has been operating successfully for some time now. The “FUSY” station is being installed 1:1 and put into operation at BMW in Greer USA.
For further information, please feel free to contact us at ofs@sar.biz

System layout


Station "SUSY" - Seven Up System


Station "FUSY" - Four Up System


Station "RBWW" - Robot, Beams, Flange, Flange

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