Battery tray assembly at the BMW Group plant in Regensburg

SAR, together with partner company Aumann, built the battery tray assembly facilities at the BMW Group plant in Regensburg.
SAR programmed 15 controllers and 68 robots to ensure smooth assembly of the battery tray for the new, all-electric iX1. This is a multi-type plant where battery trays for both hybrid and all-electric vehicles are assembled.

In the first half of the official BMW video, you first see the fully automatic module assembly, followed by the interconnection at numerous manual stations and the airtight sealing of the trays.

The tubs are moved on 105 swiveling transport vehicles over a total of 990 meters of conveying distance between the production stations. In the further course, the inspected tub is transferred to a transport container and stacked in trucks. In the video, this is still done by forklift truck, but has since been fully automated by SAR.

Accordingly, the trucks are unloaded and destacked fully automatically at the production plant for the iX1, 3.6km away. The empty containers are brought back to the tub assembly in the same way.
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