New service: mobile head-up display test system for development and pre-production

The quality of head-up systems can now be tested even in prototype development or in the pre-production phase with the mobile test system from SAR for visual feature checking. The system is not limited to one vehicle type, but rather can be applied flexibly to a range of variants.

Works for every vehicle type...

The mobile HUD testing system is PC-based and consists of a robot as well as an intelligent camera system. The vehicle coordinates are captured with modern sensors which then autonomously corrects the robot's movement positions.

This allows for the flexible - regardless of vehicle type or tyres - and still incredibly precise positioning of the system in each vehicle. The captured image is compared with target images or target features and evaluated. The customer immediately gets the results of the current quality of the projection, as well as of the intensity and size of the double image (ghost).

The services on offer from SAR range from the installation of the mobile checking system and support to the complete implementation of various tests.

...regardless whether for prototype development or 100% checking in series production

Potential problem areas in terms of image features in head-up displays can be identified and quantified with the mobile test system from SAR, as early as in pre-series or prototype development. At the same time, the system is also suitable for 100 per cent checking within series production.
Other benefits:
  • no acquisition costs for an in-house system
  • needs-oriented and customised services
  • flexible application options
  • precise measuring and checking procedure
  • integration of customer-specific processes and evaluation procedures possible at any time

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Optical characteristics test
inside the vehicle



The mobile HUD tester for every vehicle type


Checking in the vehicle


The camera system is retracted via telescope after the test

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