First SAR Test Stand for Premium Vehicles at Audi Neckarsulm

SAR test stands are already widely used by many renowned automobile manufacturers. We are therefore happy to announce that now, for the first time, Audi in Neckarsulm has also decided in favour of a roller-test stand by SAR.
On the multi-function test stand Audi premium vehicles, from models such as the A6 to the RS8 and special vehicles, will be tested on their driving characteristics. To enable this variability for different types, the rollers automatically move, depending on the type, up to 1,000mm for the various wheelbases. Both vehicles with front- and rear-wheel-drive as well as four-wheel-drive can be tested. The test stand is designed for vehicles of up to 5 tons. For special cases, there are different additional modes of operation.

Simulating real conditions

On the dynamometer real driving conditions can be simulated and thus the driving characteristics and the related functionalities can be tested. Among other things, the performance data, brakes, the ABS, the gear characteristics and the OBD-defaults are tested during the analysis.
On the test stand, a speed of up to 200km/h is possible. The vehicles are usually driven with a speed of about 140km/h. All rollers are synchronised to the vehicle speed with 4-engine technology.

Visualisation all testing steps

The entire testing process is controlled by a UPS-system. The UPS directly communicates with the PLC-system via an interface. The worker is guided through the individual testing steps. Each of the testing steps, possible errors or messages are visualised for the worker on a screen. All process data is documented accordingly.

Flexible test stand for premium vehicles

With the SAR-test stand, our customer Audi has a flexible and secure plant at their disposal which enables reliable and comprehensive testing of driving characteristics for all their premium vehicles. The test stand is constructed in such a way that all components are easily accessible for servicing.
For tests in pre-development especially, there are SAR-test stands available also with a reduced range of functions. With the "SAR Rolling Road Eco" edition, specific functionalities can already be tested during the development phase of new models - while still being considerably lower in procurement costs.
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Test stand full view with available pit


Overview roller module

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