Spray solutions for high-quality tyres

The application of a release agent to the inside of green tyres is an important process step which helps to increase gliding capacity and significantly extend the service life of the bladder in the vulcanization press. SAR has successfully implemented this procedure in numerous plants, using the SQL4automation Connector to connect the controllers with the data bases.
Spray solutions for the inside of tyres provide for the necessary gliding capacity in order to detach the tyre from the bladder, by means of which the green tyre is pressed into the mould. This has a positive impact on the appearance, the quality and the service life of the tyre and the bladder.

Applying the release agent is therefore an important step in the complex manufacturing process of tyres. For many projects of tyre manufacturers, the SQL4automation software is already being used as an interface to data base management.

Reliably connecting controllers with SQL data bases

For each type of tyre, a spraying recipe is stored in a data base, as each type of tyre requires a specific amount of release agent. After the spraying operation has been completed, the information regarding the order is saved to the data base. Thus, traceability for the purposes of quality assurance is easily possible.

As a solution for the connection between the different PLC systems and the data bases, the experts at SAR have opted for the SQL4automation Connector from Inasoft, after gathering information on the market. By means of SQL commands, the controllers can retrieve data from tables, add data to tables as well as change and delete data. In addition, procedures stored in databases can be executed.

No OPC server is needed. This improves performance while at the same time increasing safety and flexibility.
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Plant for applying release agent to the inside of green tyres


SAR spraying plants integrated into the manufacturing process of passenger car tyres


The robot picks up the known tyre type accordingly from the conveyor system and moves it to the spraying chamber by using the servo gripper


Installation of the spraying plant on a platform with separate supply of release agent on ground level

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