SAR Group invests in AI start-up "Erium"

Erium GmbH is a software company based in Garching near Munich, that uses artificial intelligence to optimize processes with its "HALerium" software.

Based on process data, combined with the expertise of the respective process experts, the software calculates results that are required for process optimization.

The SAR Group develops complex, robot-supported automation solutions in and outside the automotive industry. Especially with interlinked and flexibly networked systems, transparency is the key to an optimally used production line.

For this reason SAR has been offering its own Manufacturing Execution System sar@mes (PDF) since 2001, which visualizes the process data and optimizes the process with simple "machine learning".

Automation and process data from SAR - Process optimization by AI from Erium

This is precisely why the investment is also interesting for SAR customers. The customer receives automation solutions and process data via the systems supplied by SAR and can in future combine them precisely with the knowledge of in-house and external experts to optimize his production processes.

The AI software from Erium calculates the optimal recommendations for action.
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