Quick support for urgent medical products in only 3 weeks

At the SAR Group, we experience every day that in the current situation things often have to be unconventional and fast, with new challenges and many unknowns.

7 Automation solutions for injection moulding machines

SAR is now enabling a manufacturer of medical laboratory products to meet the current massive increase in demand for materials for testing in medical industry laboratories within 3 weeks by supplying 7 automation solutions on injection moulding machines.

3 weeks instead of 30

While typically 20 - 30 weeks implementation time is usual for such project scopes, in this automation project 3 weeks were required.

This is where the SAR Group's particular flexibility in planning, implementation and commissioning pays off. On the other hand, the strategy of binding not only customers but also supply chains in the long term is proving its worth.

For many years SAR has been supplying various areas of medical technology and many other business fields with automated production systems. Clean room applications up to class 7 and modularized automation applications are possible in the medical technology as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. e.g. in the production of e-mobility components partially automated or fully automated at numerous customers worldwide.
For further information, please feel free to contact us at kss@sar.biz

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