Trade fair review K2022 Düsseldorf

SAR Plastics Systems and ima-tec were represented at the leading plastics trade fair "K2022" in Düsseldorf with their own booth.
The good news for SAR - automation is becoming even more important than before to secure Germany as a production location and to maintain jobs. In addition to the focus on automation, energy efficiency and circular economy were the main innovation drivers for solutions and approaches of the exhibitors.

The material plastic has also gained massively in importance and value again in the last three years. We have all learned that medical articles and hygiene safeguard our health, and lightweight components curb our hunger for energy.

Today, chemical and mechanical processes can be used to return a large number of plastic parts to the cycle. What cannot be recycled afterwards, we use at SAR in thermal recycling - under controlled processes of our Process and Environmental Technology.

The economic forecasts of the exhibitors were extremely positive - despite exploding prices for raw materials and energy - and we were able to generate numerous customer inquiries for new projects.


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