AI innovation for energy generation and waste recycling: SAR and Erium present groundbreaking add-on

For over two decades, SAR has established itself worldwide as a leading company in the control and regulation of plants for environmentally friendly energy generation from heterogeneous and fossil fuels. With over 200 successfully automated combustion lines, the process and environmental technology team contributes to efficient, low-emission and trouble-free plant operation.

In 2024, SAR is taking its proven systems to a new level. In close cooperation with our partner Erium, we have successfully integrated artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of machine learning algorithms into the plant control system and brought it to market maturity. The focus was not on the academic demonstration of feasibility, but rather on demonstrably sustainable improvements that represent quantifiable added value for the plant operator compared to the status quo.

SAR sets new standards with AI integration for environmentally friendly energy generation

Our established, transparent and traceable control loops remain in place and operators retain their full authority to act. AI is used as an efficient add-on and is a powerful tool to further increase performance and efficiency. SAR remains a pioneer in the market, and our customers can rely on our competence, expertise and many years of experience.

The potential benefits of our AI add-on are manifold:

  • Increased performance and efficiency
  • Increase in energy yield
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Significant relief for operators due to increased level of automation
  • Early reaction to impending malfunctions

The focus is not only on "hard facts" such as reducing emissions and energy yield. It's also on "soft facts" such as comprehensive support for plant operators and a necessary increase in the level of automation due to a possible shortage of skilled workers.
Stay up to date on this fascinating topic. Further details will be published shortly. We look forward to your questions and are happy to help!

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