KNEXT and Schlosswirtschaft Herrenchiemsee - a winning team

Service robots are becoming increasingly important in the catering industry. They offer a variety of possible applications that help to improve service and relieve staff.

For example, three of PUDU's KNEXT service robots have been in use at the Schlosswirtschaft at Herrenchiemsee for six months. The Schlosswirtschaft is a popular destination for visitors who want to tour the castle or simply enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. The restaurant offers traditional Bavarian cuisine and a selection of regional specialities.

In the interview, Hannes Löhmann reports on his experiences with the PUDU robot at the Schlosswirtschaft Herrenchiemsee. How did the restaurateurs come across the topic? Were there any concerns or difficulties? Where does the service robot provide support and how does the daily operation go? How do customers or staff react? You can find out all this in our videos on our social media channel or on YouTube.

Fascination Gastro-Robots: The Revolution of Service in Gastronomy

Service robots are taking the catering industry by storm and offer a wide range of applications. From serving food, logistical support, to personalised display advertising - the technology provides significant relief for staff. Possible areas of application are:
  • Serving food: Service robots take over the serving of food and transport the plates or drinks to the guests.
  • Clearing dishes: Service robots can also assist in cleaning the tables by clearing the used dishes and transporting them back to the dishwashing station.
  • Round trips: Service robots take over the round trip at a reception, for example, serving champagne, drinks and canapés and clearing dishes.
  • Display advertising: Equipped with a large display, the PUDU robot shows personalised advertising or information.

Service robots offer a variety of possible applications in the catering industry that improve service and relieve staff. While the initial costs may seem high at first, the robots are far more than just technical gadgets.

They bring with them a multitude of advantages that improve service and relieve staff. For example, staff can concentrate more on looking after guests and have more time for them. In addition, service robots improve the image of a restaurant, offer a real attraction and are a highlight for guests.

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