Process and Environmental Technology successfully completes major energy transition project in Switzerland

On the way to climate neutrality by the year 2050, the city of St. Gallen is pursuing the goal of completely eliminating fossil fuels from its district heating supply as well.
The thermal waste treatment plant of the city of St. Gallen is the most important supplier of the city's district heating in this context. The flue gas cleaning plant of the KHK St. Gallen was built in 1987.

After now 30 years of operation, many components have reached the expected lifetime. Entsorgung St. Gallen has therefore decided to comprehensively renew the flue gas cleaning plant.
The new flue gas cleaning of KHK St. Gallen takes over the gases from 2 parallel incineration lines. Through a 2-stage dedusting (electrostatic precipitator + fabric filter) and the injection of sorbents, the flue gas is cleaned of acid pollutants or heavy metals.

The flue gas thus purified is then transferred to the subsequent denitrification plant. Blowers are responsible for transporting the gas from the boiler to the stack.

SAR was commissioned in August 2021 by the St. Gallen Waste Management Authority to plan, supply and commission the complete electrical and process control equipment for the new flue gas cleaning system and the associated flanking measures. The project has now been successfully completed at the end of January 2023.

8000 working hours

Around 8000 accident-free working hours were completed by colleagues in control cabinet construction, electrical planning and in software engineering, commissioning and project management for this project.

After the Corona pandemic still made project handling more difficult in 2021, in 2022 it was the long and in some cases unpredictable delivery times of components, which presented all project participants with major challenges.

Despite all the difficulties, the switchover to the new flue gas cleaning system was completed on schedule at the beginning of November 2022.

Supporting Special Olympics Switzerland

A long-time employee of the KHK St. Gallen, Mr. Reto Büchler, should be thanked at this point for his constant support and willingness to help. He volunteers as a coach for the cycling team of the Special Olympics Switzerland.

With a small donation SAR could support the team's participation in the World Summer Games 2023 in Berlin. We wish Reto and his team an unforgettable event in Berlin and of course much success!
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KHK St. Gallen


Out and about in the power plant


Presentation of the donation check to Reto Büchler (KHK St. Gallen, center) by project manager Franz Dannerbeck (SAR, left) and authorized signatory Dr. Martin Zwiellehner (SAR, right)

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