Robot measurement cell in operation

The new robot measurement cell at the BMW plant in Dingolfing is able to acquire and measure complete vehicles with high accuracy. The cell officially went into production end of April.

Not only individual body parts but also complete vehicles can be measured in the newly installed system. This is made possible by a custom build lift and turn table fully integrated in the control system.

The car body is lifted and rotated 360 degrees enabling accurate digital acquisition. This is the world's first fully automatic robot cell measuring the entire car body with nine degrees of freedom.

The advantages of optical measurement techniques in comparison to the conventional tactile or touch measuring methods are primarily due to shorter measurement durations (approximately 80%) and the extreme precision of the robot.

Innovative optical metrology

The system logs more than 60 million data points from one vehicle. This makes it possible to precisely detect the structure of surfaces. The accuracy is approximately 0.05 millimetres.

Especially in the today modern design of BMWs the precise measurement of complex free form surfaces is essential - a task that the robot measuring system executes perfectly.

Fast and effective error analysis

Data acquisition of a vehicle is performed only once. In case of occurring problems the digitally stored model can be loaded and analysed at any time.

This is advantageous especially in the vehicle development sector. Error analysis is accelerated by virtually overlapping the acquisition of various phases of production.
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Image source: BMW Public Relations Dingolfing

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