SAR "fire length control" optimizes the combustion process

SAR Environmental Technology is active in research and development in addition to its "day-to-day business". Practical findings lead to the optimization and expansion of existing products, while market requirements lead to the development of entirely new products. The recently introduced SAR SNCR regulation is one example of this.

Decreasing quality of fuels

For some time now we have noticed that many operators of thermal recycling plants have a need for an additional parameter to optimise their incineration process. The background to this is the steady decline in absolute quality and the increasing fluctuation in the quality of fuels.

Fire too long and too short

In plants with grate firing systems, it is often evident that the quality requirements for burnout cannot always be guaranteed for fuels with low calorific values ("too long fire"). If, on the other hand, fuels with too high a calorific value are on the grate, thermal overload occurs and thus damage is caused to parts of the plant ("too short fire").

In many of the plants, the combustion process is observed only visually by the operating personnel via a video camera. Since each operator has a different perception, different conclusions are drawn and thus different manual interventions are carried out.

A dedicated burnout or fire length control would be helpful, but is not available for most systems. This circumstance and the experience gained with systems available on the market as well as the noticeable need of the operators were the motivation to develop their own program for detection of the fire length.

Intelligent detection of the burnout line

The new SAR fire length control intelligently detects the so-called burnout line. This is used to derive the absolute fire length. By integrating the firing length, the firing power control is extended by a reproducible parameter, which has a lasting positive influence on the combustion process.
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SAR fire length control


burnout detection


Calculation of the burnout reserve


Control scheme of the patented SAR-FLR (greatly simplified)

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