Open heart surgery performed successfully once again

Strictly speaking, the headline is not exactly accurate, as it was the control system (thus the “brain”) of the incineration line 2 which was replaced at AVA in Augsburg.

Particularly in light of the current situation, planning inspections is extremely challenging for operators and all companies involved. Health and safety regulations intended to contain the spread of coronavirus must be observed, and deadlines must be met while also reducing the risk of infection and ensuring proper waste disposal continues.

Deadlines met despite difficult circumstances

Even in these challenging times, SAR and AVA have shown that this is feasible thanks to close cooperation and intensive, detailed planning.

The migration to a new control system for the second combustion line was once again completed within the allotted time (see also Control technology modernisation at AVA Augsburg – executed in record time).
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The “surgical team” of SAR Elektronic GmbH

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