SAR dosing technology in use at MINI

From 2017 right up to the present day, MINI in Oxford has been renewing robot cells time and again, which we equip with SAR’s own developments.

Dosing units, water-cooled Peltiers, cleaning stations and guns designed by SAR have been and will be installed in the pre-assembly in Dingolfing, Germany and integrated on site in Oxford, UK in a very short timeframe including robot programming.

Using offline simulation via a DOP (Deep Optimistic Planning) system means the robot programs allowed adapting during operation.

Upgrades in a wide range of areas

Other upgrades included the "Material supply paint" with 17 new paint systems and the "PVC from top" upgrade with our water-cooled Peltiers.

The changeover from MINI IPP (Integrated Paint Process) to BMW IPP will keep us busy until 2021, including the renewing all paint ring lines, supply groups and the control system.

SAR was or is the general contractor in all projects.

"Improved quality, lower material consumption" according to MINI

MINI sees its investment in the paint shop justified by demonstrably improved quality and lower material consumption. The company newspaper reports that the new 3D gun heads allow better access to the underbody of the chassis, thus increasing quality and accessibility.

MINI has seen the expectations set in its specifications met and even exceeded.
If we have sparked your interest in SAR dosing components with these references, please write to us at

The dosing components of SAR Surface Application Systems: MK3U3 gun, SDM cleaning station, EDW408 electric dosing unit and TPW Peltier element


Pre-assembly at SAR in Dingolfing, Germany


Lowrunner paint systems

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