Dismantling of a pilot plant and upcycling of components

Within the framework of the ERWAS funding initiative (“Future-oriented Technologies and Concepts for an Energy-efficient and Resource-saving Water Management”), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has also chosen to support the joint research project “KRN-Mephrec”.

Simultaneous recycling of phosphorus and metals

The Mephrec process aims to recycle phosphorus and metals while simultaneously generating a synthesis gas from sewage sludge/sewage sludge ash. The phosphorus contained in the effluent sludge should be enriched in the granular waste produced from the liquefied material, and it should be possible to use it as manure for plants, which is free from harmful substances. [1]

Dismantling of the pilot plant

SAR supplied the entire electrical and process control system for the pilot plant within the scope of the joint project between October 2014 and October 2017. Upon completion of the project, the pilot plant is scheduled to be dismantled.

Together with its partners, SAR Process and environmental technology is aware of its responsibility as regards resource-efficient and sustainable work.

"Upcycling" of electrical cabinets and components

SAR has therefore decided to dismantle the supplied electrical cabinets and components of the process control system in a non-destructive way in order to use them for a new purpose in line with the idea of upcycling.

The individual parts might for example be used as spare parts for existing plants, or for training and presentations, test setups and much more.
For further information, please contact us at put@sar.biz

[1] Hagspiel, B. et. al.: Klärschlamm zu Energie, Dünger und Eisen mit metallurgischem Phosphorrecycling in einem Verfahrensschritt (KRN-Mephrec) [From sewage sludge to energy, manure, and iron in one process step thanks to metallurgical phosphorus recycling (KRN-Mephrec)]
Final report on the BMBF research project of the same name (FKZ 02WER1313), Nuremberg, 2018



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