Remote support through Assisted Reality

Particularly in light of the current pandemic, it is more important than ever to be able to support your customers remotely. This already works quite well in the IT sector by means of the standard methods (see our sar@glasses product), and SAR has now also implemented the relevant technology with regard to plant construction.

Remote Support from Experts

In order to assist customers as effectively as possible from a distance, video AR glasses have lately started to be used. Thanks to these glasses, it is possible to make a video call, allowing the expert to see exactly the part of the plant that the customer is looking at. At the same time, the person wearing the glasses can use their hands freely in order to work and can follow the instructions provided via the telephone function of the glasses.

Final acceptance by means of AR Glasses

Just recently, the glasses were used for the final acceptance of a production line which otherwise would have taken several weeks.

Any communication via the glasses is of course completely encrypted and is not accessible to third parties. The communications server is located on the SAR company premises, which provides further security for the user.

Security thanks to encryption and company-owned servers

Based on these measures, even strictly confidential topics can be discussed when using the glasses. There is no higher risk compared to telephone calls or e-mail communication.

Using this technology, we are able to support customers around the globe right away when they need it and provide them high-quality customer service despite travel restrictions and social distancing measures.
If you are interested in receiving further information on this technology or if you would like to implement this solution in your own company, please contact us at

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