IRMA - Protection against cyber attacks in production plants

SAR signed a system partnership with VIDEC for their product IRMA at IFAT in Munich in June.

IRMA - protection through anomaly detection

VIDEC's IRMA - Industry Risk Management Automisation - detects anomalies in production plants through continuous, passive monitoring, provides information on cyber attacks and enables risk-based analysis as well as intelligent alarming by means of a clear management console.

Protect critical infrastructure, or even normal production lines

SAR Prozess- und Umwelttechnik intends to integrate the product primarily with operators of critical infrastructure - energy producers, waste disposal companies, water supply and disposal companies. SAR will also offer IRMA for other types of production facilities, such as in the automotive industry.
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Josef Fischl for SAR Process and Environmental Technology (left) and Dieter Barelmann, Managing Director of VIDEC (right) signed the partnership agreement at IFAT in Munich.

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